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Austin Ready-Mix, LLC​.

Westward Environmental Inc.

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)

Jarrett Bous (Land Owner)

Stop the Concrete Plant!

Residents come together to STOP Austin Ready-Mix, LLC! The proposed plant could 

present a threat to the Health, Safety, and Way of Life in Henly, TX.

dedicated to preserving the Environmental Health and Safety of Henly, TX

Stop AUSTIN READY-MIX LLC from Building a Concrete Batch Plant in Henly, TX

Dedicated to Preserving the Environmental Health and Safety of Henly, TX

Our Friends atSTOP DRIPPING CONCRETEhave recently experienced some success in stoppingEXPEDITION, LLCfrom building the proposedConcrete Batch Plant on Bell Springs Rd in Dripping Springs, TX.  We applaud the residents of Dripping Springs for coming together and organizing such a strong opposition to the industrialization of such a beautiful residential community. 

Unfortunately, while Dripping Springs is diligently fighting construction of the proposed Concrete Batch Plant, another concrete company is attempting to prey on the community of Henly, TX.  It appears as ifAUSTIN READY-MIX, LLCis attempting to take advantage of the smaller and less regulated area of Henly, TX. 

Henly is located near the Hays and Blanco County line, however many residents associate themselves with the Dripping Springs community.  The proposed Concrete Batch Plant is located on the edge of Blanco County, which provided the opportunity to sneak the EXPEDITED Air Quality Permit Requestpast the majority of Henly residents.  The Public Notice was printed in a Johnson City newspaper and the posted sign was located on private property.  Residents are saying that the sign was placed too far off the highway to be noticed and was illegible from that distance.  

​Fortunately, a number of concerned residents learned about theEXPEDITED permit requestjust in time to reach out to theTexas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)and request public meetings and formal hearings to speak up and fight to protect their community.  A date for the Public Meeting has not been set, however a representative fromTCEQ stated that they are looking into early December.   

HERE to view the comments left by concerned community members on the TCEQ website.