TCEQ Air Permit Application Update 10/19/15

Public Records show that Jarrett Bous is the current property owner of the proposed building site.  At this time we are unsure if Austin Ready-Mix, LLC. intends to purchase or lease the proposed building site from Mr. Bous.  Neighbors are concerned that, if leased, Jarrett Bous will not do his due diligence in making sure that Austin Ready-Mix adheres to EPA and TCEQ regulations.  One local resident stated that there have been issues with property lines as Jarrett Bous was building on/blocking a legal easement, preventing neighbors from accessing their property.

One eye witness mentioned a SWAT standoff that occurred at the personal residence of Jarrett Bous on September 29, 2014.  Click Here and Here to view the local news reports on the SWAT standoff on Jarrett Bous' property next to the site of the Concrete Batch Plant proposed by Austin Ready-Mix.  The proposed building site is just behind the reporter as she describes the standoff which ended in the arrest of one man.

We will be updating this site as more information becomes available so please check back often.  If you have any news that you would like to share please CONTACT US.

Thank You!

We would like to thank all the concerned neighbors that have requested a public meeting and hearings to contest the Air Quality Standard Permit Application submitted by WAYWARD ENVIRONMENTAL, INC on behalf of AUSTIN READY-MIX, LLC.  We have reached out to TCEQ and were assured that a Public Meeting is in the works with a target date sometime in early December 2015.  Please check back regularly for updates about the upcoming Public Meeting.

The Commissioners at TCEQ will review the hearing requests after the Public Meeting.  Hearing requests are usually granted for permanent residents, educational institutions, and places of worship within 440 yards of the proposed building site.  If the request is granted, the matter will be referred to the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH).  The SOAH hearing is a formal, legal proceeding, conducted in a manner similar to civil trials in state district court.  Those within 440 yards have already been seeking the advice of legal counsel.  We all know that this Concrete Batch Plant will affect the Henly community well beyond the 440 yard boundary so we will keep you updated on ways that you can help these parties fight the Concrete Batch Plant proposed by AUSTIN READY-MIX, LLC.  

It is also important to note that these parties will have the ability to appeal the decision should TCEQ approve the Air Quality Permit.  Concerned residents of Henly have also been in contact with TXDOT and the Blanco-Pedernales Groundwater Conservation District in search of other opportunities to stop the Concrete Batch Plant proposed by Austin Ready-Mix, LLC.

TCEQ Air Permit Application Updates

The TCEQ has made a preliminary decision to issue the registration to AUSTIN READY-MIX, LLC for the Concrete Batch Plant in Henly, TX.  This decision is based on the Executive Director's preliminary conclusion that the application meets all rules and regulations of a Standard Permit.  Public comments can still be submitted on the TCEQ website.  A public meeting has been granted thanks to the degree of public interest in the application.

The Public Meeting is to be held:
Monday, December 7th, 2015 at 7:00 PM
Lyndon B. Johnson High School Commons Area
505 North Nugent
Johnson City, Texas 78636

We are encouraging concerned citizens to attend the public meeting to voice concerns and ask questions about the application.
Please see the TCEQ’s official Notice of Application, Preliminary Decision, and Public Meeting for an Air Quality Standard Permit for Concrete Batch Plant Registration (135411).

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